Jul 11, 2012

I Forget That His Job is a Little Dangerous

My husband is an electrician and I don't think of his job as dangerous. It's not like he's a solider or a cop but it is a little on the dangerous side. I forget that he works with live electricity from time to time and that ladders, lifts, and roofs are involved. Now you would think that the numerous times he's been shocked would drive this point home, but it doesn't.
Three weeks ago Brett was at work in the warehouse when a guy fell through the roof. He tripped and fell right through a sky light, bounced off a generator and landed on the concrete. He was incredibly lucky and lived through it with minimal injuries but it freaked me out a little since Brett spends a big chunk of his time on roofs.

He did make me feel a little better since he says he avoids sky lights at all costs. I guess when you work on roofs it's something you learn at every safety meeting.
And then today he was pulling wire and a ladder loaded down with said wire fell on his head. He sent me a picture of his head asking me if he needed stitches. I couldn't tell with his hair and all but I told him to go just in case. It's a good thing that I did since he ended up getting 5 staples.

Can you believe the guys couldn't figure out if he should go?
This was the second picture he sent me.

My poor baby, I feel so sorry for him. And it's just another reminder that his job is a little dangerous. I just hope he takes this as a reminder too and starts wearing his hard hat all the time and goes a little slower. We kinda need him.


  1. big hugs momma. That is so scary and I'm glad he is ok. And thank goodness for hard hats in the future.

  2. I would be a hot mess if my husband was up high on a regular basis..I am VERY much afraid of heights. I can barely tolerate him putting up the Christmas lights. Glad he is ok.

  3. I'm so glad he is alright. That is very scary! I would be a nervous wreck! Brent used to work the midnight to 4 shift at Fed-Ex. I always worried when he didn't come home on time.

  4. How scary! Glad he was okay!

  5. That is a very scary thing to have happen! I think it's a coping mechanism to not always remember that our husbands' jobs can be dangerous. If we stressed out and worried all the time we would drive ourselves bonkers! Glad to hear he's ok though!

    And also thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my PYHO post!


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