Jul 27, 2012

Olympics and Dirty People Confessions


I confess....
This picture cracks me up!

It was taken in Duck Creek last weekend. Isabella decided to tuck in her monkey too. I just love that little girl!

I confess....
My kids have been napping really well this week. I think it may have something to do with the long walks and trips to the park and pool this week. I've finally figured out how to get them to sleep - nonstop activity!

I confess....
I feel like they will somehow sense that I wrote that they are napping great again and stop. But it's already out there so I'll just roll the dice on this one.

I confess....
I'm stupid excited about the Olympics. Tonight Brett and I are having an Olympics themed date night. We are going to watch the opening ceremonies and have food from around the world. I'm going to be a cooking fool in a few hours. BUT I still don't have an American food. I can't think of anything besides hamburgers, hot dogs, or apple pie. I have 4 hours to figure it out.

I confess....
I was going to make Olympic rings cookies, but I decided not to go through that much effort. Yep, I'm choosing to be lazy today. It seems like a good day to be lazy-you know the day I watch a world wide ceremony celebrating athletes for dedicating themselves to their sport.

I confess....
I took the kids to an event where they had some big trucks. The big hit was this street sweeper.

Molly didn't like waiting her turn.

Saftey first! Molly had to put on the seatbelt.

I confess....
Brett has been working quite a few hours of overtime every week. I like the paycheck, but I hate the hours. There is just no pleasing me huh?

I confess....
It REALLY pisses me off that people don't clean up after themselves! What is so difficult about putting your trash in the trashcan? Is it really that hard to walk three feet and put it into the trash? Dirty people suck. These pictures are from a picnic we had a few weeks ago.

Orange peels EVERYWHERE!

More orange peels, napkins, and wrappers.

The kids helped me pick up 10 soda cans and 3 water bottles.

I confess....
I cannot believe how rude people are sometimes! Pick up your trash so others can enjoy the park too. It is why the park planners provided 2 big trashcans by every picnic table and random trashcans throughout the park.

I confess....
We still had fun, and yes I picked up after them because I'm a sick Type A person like that.

I confess...
I hope you'll enter my giveaway for an activity kit from Chalk City. It's a great gift for kids of all ages.

What are you confessing this week?

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  1. yay for good nappers!!

    the opening ceremonies were such a huge disappointment for me, major bizarre yawn fest.

    but we have been glued to the games all weekend.

    thanks for linking up!


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