Jul 23, 2012

Our Weekend Unpluged

We spent the weekend at my cousin's cabin in Duck Creek, UT. It was wonderful being in the mountains and spending time in 40 degrees cooler weather. We had a nice time relaxing, riding ATVs, taking walks, and best of all-doing nothing but sit around and talk.

I love that we got a chance to unplug and spend some time together as a family. Our phones were off all weekend and there was no computer to distract me from spending time together. It rained a little on and off all weekend and it was so peaceful. I'm not sure why the mountains are so relaxing and peaceful but if I had to guess, I would say that it's how quiet it is up there.

Isabella finally was brave enough for her first quad ride. She liked to put her hands up!

Molly was waiting for her turn and daddy and Belly drove right by her.
Do you think it made her sad?

Molly's turn!
She kept telling him to go faster! She is definitely my daredevil.

Mark got on protesting but ended up liking it if Brett went super slow.

The girls loved sitting on the quads and pretending to ride them.

On Sunday the 5 of us went for a walk to a pond and into the village to buy a Christmas ornament. We always buy an ornament when we go somewhere as our souvenir. We picked a birdhouse since the kids loved watching the birds eat off of the many bird feeders off the front porch. The kids needed to get out of the house since Molly woke everyone up at 4am. We were not impressed with Molly on Sunday morning.

And our little Molly had a rough Sunday. She face planted on a walk first thing in the morning, which gave her a bloody nose, scratched up forehead and chest, and a bruise on her eyebrow. Later she walked right into the kitchen counter and jacked up the other side of her forehead again. And about an hour before we left she fell and hit her chin on the table. The poor kid is a little jacked up, but she will heal. I'd like to suggest not waking up so early next time so she has a little more coordination.

On our walk to a pond.

This is my favorite picture of the weekend.
They were fascinated with looking at baby ants/bugs etc.

After we got back from our walk, we turned on a movie hoping that the kids would fall asleep since they woke up so early. Isabella never slept but Molly and daddy took a nap together. And seriously, how freaking cute are they?

After Molly woke up, Mark had a meltdown on an epic level. I grabbed him and we snuggled under his blanket for 2 minutes before he fell asleep. And then I had a parenting first-I successfully transferred a sleeping kid into a bed without them waking up! 

And now we are back in the Vegas heat missing the cool mountain air. How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!
    I love your idea of buying a Christmas ornament to remember your trip with, very cute!


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