Jul 25, 2012

She's Watching Me

Sometimes being a parent is the best feeling in the world. You know when it's a good day and everyone is listening and following directions. Or it's when your kid does something so amazing that you cannot believe this child is yours-in a good way of course. I had one of these moments with Isabella last year.

At other times, being a parent is completely overwhelming. Forget the tantrums and all the millions of times that kids get sick, it's the big things that completely overwhelm me sometimes. Like when I realize that I'm responsible for raising two women and one man. And that they are watching my every move. Do you ever think to yourself, "holy crap I'm their example, these kids are screwed"?

Yesterday we went to the park and it was very hot and humid. I wondered why we went there once I was sweating after two minutes. Isabella had two clips in her hair to keep it out of her face. When we were leaving I asked her where they were since they weren't in her hair.

She looked up at me and said "they're on the bottom of my dress, I put them where you do." I looked down and sure enough there were her two bows clipped to the bottom of her dress. Whenever her hair clips fall out, I clip them to the bottom of my shirt so we don't lose them.

Holy cow this kid is really watching me! It really scares me sometimes. Not because I think I'm the terrible person, but because I know all my faults. And I can already see some of my bad characteristics in my kids. That's the worst isn't it? When your kid acts exactly like you and it drives you crazy since you know where he/she got learned it. And if you're lucky enough to have a mom like mine who says "that sounds/looks familiar."

While this example was cute, it's serves as a reminder that my kids are watching me. All the time, good and bad, and they will repeat my behavior. If that doesn't overwhelm you, can you tell me your secret?


  1. Our kids do think the world of us, don't they? Yes, it scares me too. I am hardly the perfect mom, and I'm afraid that she'll mirror my negative traits. We moms ought to have an alarm that goes off everytime we do something wrong.

  2. It is an awesome responsibility in so many ways, big and small! I notice my son watches and imitates a lot of things I do behavior-wise. If just for that it makes me want to be more patient and kind and a far better example than I most likely am.:)

  3. Sometimes I hear my kids say things that I KNOW they got from me and I cringe. The latest was when I was telling my oldest to do something and he looked at me and said "I just need one minute when no one is bothering me and then I'll help you." *cringe*


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