Jul 5, 2012

We Do We Buy Our Kids Toys?

Sometimes I wonder why we buy our kids toys. Why? Well every parent has had that moment where they bought a toy and then the kid plays with the box. I've had a few of those and I know eventually they will play with the toy. But I've noticed that nothing makes my kids more excited than the big boxes from Costco. They draw all over them, make them cars and have imaginary races, play pirate ship in them, and on and on. I ALWAYS bring home a box from Costco, even if I only buy 2 things.

But this video I shot a few weeks ago really got me thinking. Why in the world do I buy my kids toys?

They played the tunnel game for a good 10 minutes before we declared it was bedtime. They make everything and anything into a game/toy. And I love that about them, but I think it makes me a little crazy for buying the toys.


  1. I wonder why i buy my kids toys when all they want to do is destroy them lol... but they're boys. When I was a kid nothing could beat a HUGE box, or bubble wrap... in fact I still love bubble wrap!

  2. That's some serious entertainment!

  3. I am totally stealing that FUN game and throwing away all the toys...ok, maybe not but....

  4. I love their excitement! Too funny when it fell and they were saying "Oh no it fell. Daddy fix it!"

    What a great idea to bring home boxes from Costco. I have never thought of this. Next time we go to Sam's Club I'll have to remember some boxes. Thanks for the idea!


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