Aug 2, 2012

Did You Hear? Working is as Bad as Smoking for the Unborn

I love it when a new study comes out because it reminds me that companies and the government waste millions of dollars on pointless studies. Have you heard the latest news on working pregnant mothers? Apparently, working until you deliver is as bad for your unborn child as drinking and smoking. Damn, had I known that I would have stopped working and started drinking just so I could come out ahead when I was pregnant with Isabella.

So this study annoys me on many levels. First of it's flawed in the findings because
  • The study didn't factor in the medical conditions of the women.
  • Turns out it's not the actual work that is bad, it's the stress.
This morning I had the news on in the background and a doctor was being interviewed about the study. He said that all stress is bad for babies not just work related stress. He had me on his side since he was talking about the lack of medical background on the women and how not all jobs are stressful. THEN he went on to say that SAHM have an advantage over working moms since they can make their own schedules and they don't have a demanding boss with unrealistic expectations. So they do not have stressful working environments.

Yeah, you may deliver babies but clearly you've never been around one before. Set your own schedule? HA! That's almost the funniest thing I've heard all year. I can picture it now, I'm sorry you want your diaper changed now, but it's not on the schedule. In the future please poop and pee at 9, 1, and 4 since that is when I have it on the schedule. Oh you want a snack sweetie? Sorry not on the schedule. Now kids, mommy out it on the schedule to wake up at 9am, so you need to sleep until then so mommy can keep to her schedule. Yep that would go over like gangbusters. And no stress? Bleep you very much! You almost had me liking you, but I know you're lacking common sense.

Look this study is ridiculous! Pregnant moms have enough to deal with without someone telling them not to work so their baby isn't harmed. It's a tough economy and many working moms can only take off 6 weeks maternity leave. What would you suggest them do? Deliver the baby and go back to work the next day? After all work is worse than drinking.

To quote myself from a few years ago


This was my line to everyone who wanted to tell me what to do when I was pregnant with my first child. Can we all just agree to leave moms alone? They're doing the best that they can with the situation that they are in. Making a mom feel guilty for working is just plain rude.


  1. Sure, find me a workplace that will pay me my salary and provide health insurance during 40 plus weeks of maternity, and then you have the right to blast your study around. I agree... GET OUT OF MY UTERUS!

  2. Oh man, when they told me I had to go on bedrest with my twins at like 31 weeks, I initially stressed about it because I hadn't gotten my 2nd grade long term sub plans ready. But about three days into it, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.

    Teaching is not one of those no-stress type jobs!

    And I can't even remotely imagine being a SAHM AND having a pregnancy (twin, at that!). It's stressful, but in a different way. It's tiring. And I only do it during the summer!


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