Aug 30, 2012

How to Have Fun at Preschool

It's Isabella's last year of preschool which means it's the last year that I get to be in her classroom all day. I really like my parent participation days, although in August it's a little too hot for me. And today was my first parent participation day and we had a great time. Isabella told me that I know how to have fun at preschool. I'm not sure what that is all about, maybe the parent on Tuesday didn't have that much fun.

We started the day in the home center. She loves playing dress up!

After snack we had to play firetrucks and airplanes.

Water activities are very big in her outdoor class.

She did a marble painting project and then dipped her hands in the paint.

This was her ocean and she was playing with the hump backed whale.
Gotta love that imagination!

I'm happy to be home in the nice cool air conditioning after sweating it up for 3 1/2 hours. And I really would like a nap, but I can't seem to convinced Isabella to nap today.


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