Aug 29, 2012

Kid of the Day

How do you stop your kids from fighting? This is a hard one and I wish I had some brilliant answer so I could make a few million dollars selling book. (that surely would be nice huh?) This summer my kids have started fighting non-stop. It's like a switch went off and they turned into horrible kids. I was at the end of my rope trying to stop the fighting. And then I remebered reading about kid of the day. I read on a triplet mom blogger well over two years ago that she instituded kid of the day to end fighting. I wish I could remember who it was and give her credit, but I only remember the idea.
So what is Kid of the Day?

The kid of the day is the one and only kid that gets to make decisions for the group. The other kids cannot argue with the decision and everyone takes a turn. Here are some of the privillages/decisions that kid of the day makes in our house.
  • breakfast and lunch (from my two options)
  • veggie choice at dinner
  • snack choice (from my options)
  • pick the cartoons
  • line leader (to the car, store, etc)
  • gets in the car first
  • gets to pick the carseat
  • chooses the art project (from my options)
  • decides if they play in the back yard or front yard
  • picks the book for storytime
  • gets to say what they want to pray for first
All of these decisions were fought over brutally between my kids. Yes they fought over which identical carseat theysit in and who says their prayer request first. It was making my life a living hell and I was beginning to think that I was going to lose my mind. Now that the kid of the day makes the decisions no more fighting. Well over these things anyway, they still fight. But the level of fighting in my house has gone way down. It really has made my life easier.

I really wish I would have remembered kid of the day sooner, but better late than never right? Every morning when the kids get up, they run to the fridge to see who is the kid of the day.

Today it's Molly

This is by far the best parenting decision I've made in a long time. I hope it continues to work. Eventually, I'm going to take away privillages when they misbehave as a form of discipline. Right now, we are all just getting used to the program and that is just too much for me right now.

I highly reccomend trying it out for your kids if they are constantly fighting over the same things. You can tailor your kid of the day privillages based on what they are fighting over.

Now, how do you stop your kids from fighting over toys?


  1. Super cute idea!

    Mine fight over car seats, too- exact same car sets. Drives me crazy.

  2. I was lucky that I only had one bio-child (my other two are technically "extended family"). No fighting there. But, I watched my good friend raise 3 kids who were all close in age and all were special needs. The fighting seemed to never end at their house. Wish we had thought of this way back then!


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