Aug 7, 2012

Movie Fun!

I love going to the movies! But since having my first child, going to the movies is no easy feat. Brett and I make it to the movies two or three times a year now.

This summer I decided that Mark and Molly are old enough to try to brave the movies with them. And since Regal does $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday, the price is right. Plus it's always good to go to a movie full of kids so your kids are not the only ones there being noisy.

We went today for the first time by myself. This is no small task with three kids aged four and under. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Molly loves to pee in public restrooms (why do kids love public restrooms?) and during our last movie she went four times. This was not going to fly with me there solo.

I told them that there would be no potty breaks during the movie so go now! Yep, that didn't last and both girls needed to go during the movie. I asked another mom to watch the other two while we went to the bathroom. Thanks to that mom for watching them for me. I really didn't want to drag three kids to the bathroom three times.

So it was a successful outing this morning and the kids ate their weight in popcorn. So no need to make them lunch when we got home. Talk about a win/win!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go yell at my girls to go to sleep since they are playing instead of napping.

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