Aug 9, 2012

Parenting Lessons You'll Never See in a Parenting Book

When I was pregnant with Isabella, I read many parenting books. When I was pregnant with Mark and Molly, I read several books on twins, multiples, and second time around parenting books. All of the books were helpful and I'm glad that I read them, but there are some things that you learn along the way as a parent that you'll never find in any parenting book. Think of them as life lessons that only kids can teach you.

  1. If you let your kids eat off the floor at home they will do it everywhere else. And other parents will judge you when your kids think that the french fries on the floor of McDonald's are fair game.
  2. Toilets are not just for peeing and pooping. You see a toilet, but your kids see a water toy and something to drink from regardless of how many lectures on germs you give.
  3. And public toilets are a newly potty trained kid's best friend and your worst enemy. Kids do not get that public bathrooms are gross. See above parenting lesson.
  4. When you're kids get sick, life is going to suck. There is no sugar coating this one. And once you get your kids feeling a little better, you will get sick. And unlike your kids, you will not have endless energy.
  5. Toys that make noise will be the cause of at least one nervous breakdown. And the more annoying the toy, the more they love it! It's a vicious cycle.
  6. Your ability to skip pages in a book has an expiration date. Eventually they memorize them and you will be busted.
  7. Your kids' poopy diapers smell bad. Other people's kids' poopy diapers are the most foul awful smelling things in the world. I cannot explain this phenomenon, but all my friends agree with this statement. (At least the ones I polled)
  8. If you say "my kids never ..." or "my kids always..." they will hear that and do the opposite. It's not their fault it's in their nature. Like the scorpion and the frog.
  9. The more tired you are, the more energy your kids will have.
  10. One day out of exhaustion or desperation-you will do something that you swore you would never do. It's OK, we've all been there.
So what did I miss? Are there any lessons in parenting that you never read about in a parenting book?

Oh yeah, and always eat Popsicles outside!


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