Aug 19, 2012

The Coming Revolution Book Review

The Coming Revolution by Dr. Richard G. Lee is a book that looks back into history to see how the events that lead up to the American Revolution are similar to the events that are occurring today. Just like during the time leading up to the American Revolution, the people today are upset with the direction of government. Instead of taking up arms, they are taking their protests to the streets and voting polls.

I enjoyed reading this book, even though I don't agree with all the major points that Dr. Lee makes. It was interesting to read about the links between the settlement of the Pilgrims to the Protestant Reformation movement. I like that the books reads as if someone is speaking to you and not quote facts from history. I think if you enjoy reading about the political and religious history of America, you will enjoy reading this book.

Disclaimer- I received this book from Book Sneeze to facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and no further compensations was provided.


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