Aug 21, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

Mark's hair has been driving me nuts lately. It's always in his face since no amount of hairspray can tame his numerous cowlicks. And he's constantly getting food in his hair whenever he feeds himself with a spoon. I thought about cutting it shorter, but I've tried that in the past and I hated it. Brett thought it would be a great idea to buzz his hair. I toyed with the idea but I thought I would regret it. And what was Brett's response? That his hair grows like a weed (true) and how bad could it really be? Good question, and last night we got to find out.

The calm before the storm.

Hands down, the best picture!

He didn't like the clippers, and he liked the hair in his face even less.

He was trying to get a hug. My poor baby.

What the fudge did you do to me lady?

So here is the problem with his no hair haircut. It turns out that when you shave a kid's head who is underweight he ends up looking like a sick kid. I may have cried a little last night when I realized this, as in halfway through the haircut. I miss my sweet little boy with his long hair. I'll never make this mistake again and hopefully his hair really does grow as quickly as it seemed between haircuts.


  1. Awww! It doesn't look bad at all! It probably just takes a while to get used to, plus it will grow out in a few weeks and look softer. What a cutiepie!

  2. It looks ok! My kids all liked their hair real short. In fact I used to cut their hair for many years. It's funny because when they were real young, I would put them in the kitchen sink and they would play in the water. I used scissors and a comb then. I always was careful with the faucet. They liked playing with empty bottles. It's a wonder that I never plugged the drain. Live and learn and look back and chuckle.
    That reminds me. When my 3rd son was in kindergarten he took a shower in our bathroom. He came out with 2 long bare spots in the middle of the top of his head. He had taken one of my razors in the shower and thought he would cut his own hair! I was speechless! Oh, happy memories!! That son is now 24 and he still chuckles about it!!

  3. Oh dear! It will grow back! I think he looks cute!

  4. I think he looks kinda cute and can totally rock this cut. Doesn't it break your heart and make you feel special at the same time when they act like your hug can fix everything that's wrong with their world


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