Sep 19, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk Fun-Wordless Wednesday

OK parents of small children, is there anything better than sidewalk chalk? It's beyond cheap and it keeps kids busy for hours. Two years ago we bought a huge tub of chalk that was on sale BOGO free. We kept the first box and gave the other one away as a birthday present. And two years later that $2.50 investment is still being used. Yesterday the kids spent a few hours outside playing with sidewalk chalk.

Hey Mark, you've got a little something on your clothes.

I love that he lays down to draw.

I was laying on the driveway and Mark came up and smiled.

Of course it's monkey see, monkey do.

I'm a very mature mom.

Love that sidewalk chalk! But I do hate the mess, we go from sidewalk chalk to the tub.


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