Sep 3, 2012

Who Needs a Day off When You Can SERVEolution?

For the past few years, our church has put on a huge 3 day community service event on Labor Day weekend called Servolution. So we spent our weekend enjoying the outdoors and serving our community. We had a great weekend and the kids had almost as much fun as we did. Brett and I both volunteered in the kid's activities area this weekend. But our church also held a BBQ for the homeless, park clean up, work at The City Mission, passed out water and ice cream, washed cars, and we had a church BBQ after Sunday's service.

Here are some pictures of our kids enjoying the park activities and the BBQ.

Bounce house fun!

Mark had no interest in the bonce house, but he did love the Dum Dums.

Mmmm free ice cream tastes delicious!

Only ice cream could get our kids to sit still.

What do you mean I only get one ice cream?
First time Isabella got her face painted.

Of course Molly wanted a butterfly too!
Mark was not thrilled with arm painting!

But he loved his baseball once it was done.

I was a face painting champ this morning. I'm not very artistic, but I can do stars, butterflies, and baseballs pretty good. I was amazed when I painted some fireworks that I thought looked pretty bad and the little girl's face light up and she told me that she loved it. It was a great moment to remind me that it doesn't take much to reach out and touch someones life. And don't you just love kids? She was thrilled with her face painting and didn't even notice where I messed it up a little.

I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend too!

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  1. What a great idea. I love that you and the family were able to get involved in helping the community.


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