Oct 3, 2012

CP Connection-I Can Help Mark, Sometimes I Forget That

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I've been fighting with the system again. I've mentioned a few million times that dealing with the government is only a little less painful than stabbing myself in the eye. Not that I've ever done that, but I still stand by my statement.
Back to my current fight with Early Intervention. Mark's OT hasn't shown up all summer. Take a look at the calendar and see that it's October and you'll understand my frustration. I finally got so irritated in August that I filed a formal complaint with Early Intervention. After that happened, she finally called me three weeks ago and left me a message since I couldn't answer the phone. And now I'm calling and calling again and again and you guessed it, she's not responding.
To say that I'm frustrated is the understatement of the year. But I realized that I got so defeated this past year dealing with Early intervention that I've stopped pushing them for services like I did in the past. There is a breaking point, and I reached it last spring and it took me months to snap out of it. As I move forward, I need to remember a few things.
  1. No one loves my child like I do. Mark getting therapy on time is really only important to me. I need to understand that when I'm talking to people so I don't come across as a raving lunatic.
  2. I am not some helpless, uneducated mom. I can read the many, many books that I own on CP and make a plan for him myself until OT shows up. Since in reality, she just gives me a monthly plan for me to do and then reevaluates his program based on his progress. I don't have to have someone show me, I can wing it for now.
  3. Patience is a must. Getting mad and yelling at the world is not going to change things here. But giving up is not an option.

Life is funny, while I was typing this I got a call from Mark's coordinator to check in on this situation. Hopefully she can get OT to show up soon, but in the meantime, I'm going to break open my OT textbook and find some new strategies for spoon feeding. Sometimes I forget that I am more than capable of helping my son. I spend so much time relying on the professionals to guide me that I forget everything they've taught me.


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