Oct 19, 2012

Great Gift Idea for Teenage Boys

Why is it so difficult to shop for men? Little boys are so easy to shop for, just buy them something with wheels on it and you are good to go. My husband is impossible to shop for and don't even get me started on my Dad. He buys whatever he wants so come Christmas and three weeks later his birthday, there are no gift ideas available. And now my nephew is joining the ranks of teenage boys and he is becoming increasingly difficult to shop for as well. But there are some great gift ideas for teenage boys out there and it's not too far off from the stuff you bought them before they were teenagers.

And while I did say this idea is good for teenage boys, you'll notice that my husband and father of three kids loved this toy. I almost made a bet with my mom over how long Brett would play with this helicopter in the first week, but then I decided that she would know a sucker bet when she heard one. 

This is the S107G Mini Gyro RC Helicopter from the Xenon Project. Also known as the new thing my husband plays with when he is outside with the kids.
S107G Mini Gyro RC Helicopter
S107G Mini Gyro RC Helicopter Features
Fun for all ages
Gyro system for precision movement and flight
Gyro system also provides stable hovering
Trim Control
Great for indoor play
Travel-friendly (charge from transmitter)

Now why is this such a great gift idea for teenage boys? That's easy, it flies and has a remote control-perfect for boys who think they are too old for toys but who in reality still love playing with toys. Xenon Project has other helicopters, as well as boats, cars and tanks to choose from. And while the mini helicopter that I have is for ages 14+, they have toys available for ages 5 and up. So you can buy your little guy a remote controlled toy as well.

I love that if you use rechargeable batteries, you can recharge it through the remote control. No need to buy tons of batteries! Another thing that I really liked about this helicopter is that it's pretty easy to use. My husband tried it out first and he said there is a learning curve, but that it didn't take long to get used to the controller. I took the controller over and I would say that I agree with him. There is a short learning curve, but I got the hang of it after a few flights. Here is a video of the first flight.

I wonder how long the kids will beg to control the helicopter before Daddy lets them use it? Now remember that learning curve that I was talking about? My husband went a little too far to the left right as my oldest was running after her Daddy and the helicopter nicked her arm. For the record, it didn't even leave a scratch but she acted like her arm was severed.

And after her drama, all the kids decided to take a few steps back and give Daddy plenty of room to play. 

Buy It
Brett loved this helicopter and I'm sure one of the boys in your life will too. You can purchase this helicopter through Xenon Project's website for $29.99. Their remote control toys start at $24.99 and they sell replacement parts as well.

Disclaimer-I received the helicopter to facilitate this review. No further compensation was provided and all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Yes, men are so difficult to buy for!
    Isn't it funny how even 'big' boys like the kid's toys?!

    1. Yes it is! I always think it's funny when my nephew gets a new toy and his dad and uncle spend hours playing with it too.


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