Oct 26, 2012

Plan Your Next Trip with Gogobot

My husband and I love taking a mini trip every year for our anniversary. Some years we stay in town and get a hotel since we live in Las Vegas and it really is a great place to have a staycation. But there are only so many times that you can do that before you need to drop the kids off at Grandma's house and get out of town. And it just so happens that one Grandma lives in Orange County so a trip to San Diego is our next anniversary destination, and I'll plan it with Gogobot.

We've never been to San Diego as a couple even though it's very close to where we live. I hate trying to pick a hotel blindly. We did that on our first year anniversary trip to Tampa and the hotel we picked was not exactly the worst hotel in the world, but it is the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. After that experience, I learned that I want multiple reviews and input from my friends if possible. And that is the beauty of Gogobot; you can read reviews and poll your friends for their opinions.

I took a look at the site and after just a few minutes, I found the perfect hotel for Brett and I to stay at - The US Grant. I chose this hotel because it has a great location and a 5 star rating. The reviews of the hotel were great and there is a restaurant on site which is always a perk for me. I loved the tip one reviewer wrote about saving money on parking by parking around the corner for free. That tip will save us $32 a day and it's not something that I would have thought to ask someone. So thank you wonderful reviewer for the great tip!

Once I had my hotel picked out, I searched the site for a nice restaurant for us to have dinner. With three kids under the age of 5, the restaurants we usually frequent have pictures on the menu and give you crayons. That's not exactly the type of restaurant we want to eat at without our kids. I think Anthony's Fish Grotto will be perfect for us to celebrate our anniversary. The restaurant is right on the water and the food has great reviews. I also found Sushi Ota and based on the reviews it is the best sushi in San Diego. Brett and I love going for sushi and sitting at the bar and watch it getting made. Another thing we cannot do with kids around. And hey, we are going to need to eat more than once while we are there right?

While we are in San Diego I cannot wait to go to the Gaslamp Quarter. It is 16 straight blocks of shopping, restaurants, and bars for us to explore.  I'm so happy that I have husband who is more than happy to go shopping with me as long as we stop for a drink for a few minutes so he can rest and relax for a few minutes. And of course being the kind and loving football fan of a wife that I am, we will have to go to a Chargers game while we are there. It works out well for us that we got married during football season so we can go to games on our anniversary weekends.

So now my perfect anniversary trip is all planned out for Brett and me. All we need to do now is wait for our anniversary to come along so we can ditch the kids at Grandma's house and go. If you need help planning your next trip, check out Gogobot. Unlike other travel sites, the reviews on their site is from actual users.

Last year's anniversary trip

Gogobot allows you to tap into the knowledge of your friends when planning a trip anywhere. You can find like-minded travelers and inspiration for your next vacation, creating easy-to-use wishlists you can return to again and again.

And when you are not in vacation mode or planning a trip, you can discover hidden gems in your own neighborhood for entertaining guests or a weekend staycation.
The best part? Every page on Gogobot is personalized. You can see reviews from your friends and people you are following at the top, which allows you to weed out the noise and fraudulent reviews that become a problem on other review sites. Check out Gogobot today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gogobot. The opinions and text are all mine.


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