Oct 3, 2012

UNREAL Candy Review

Have you heard of UNREAL candy? It's candy that you can feel good about since it contains no artificials, no hydrogenated, no corn syrup, no preservatives, and no gmos! It's a candy company that has taken all of the junk out of candy!
I was really excited to try the Unreal Candy Coated Chocolates since I try not to eat corn syrup and artificial flavors. I thought this would be a candy that I could feel less guilty about eating. And while I do feel better about eating a candy without all the junk in the regular stuff, I was disappointment in the taste.
The candies were a little bitter and they didn’t taste as sweet as I would have liked them to. However, my kids loved them! They said that they were yummy and that they loved the little chocolates. So I guess they are not missing any of the junk. Here are some pictures of my girls trying the UNREAL candy coated chocolates for the first time.

Overall, I would buy them again for my kids but not for myself. You can buy UNREAL candy at CVS drug stores.

Disclaimer-I received a coupon to buy UNREAL candy to facilitate my review as a BuzzAgent.


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