Oct 1, 2012

Why You Should Check the Photo When Someone Take Your Picture

Do you check photos of yourself? I always do and it drives my husband crazy. But I have a reason for checking photos, I want to make sure they're good. There is nothing worse than getting home and looking at a picture just to find out that it is no good.

Last weekend Brett and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary a few days early. Tomorrow is our actual anniversary but my mom took the kids for the weekend so we could have a few days to ourselves. On Saturday we had dinner at a brewery and went to a movie. Our waiter took our picture and Brett didn't check it. He may never live this moment down, here is our fabulous picture to remember our night.

ALWAYS CHECK THE PICTURE!!!!!! I cannot believe that this is how our picture came out. I have a digital camera that my 2 year old can use. An adult really had this much trouble taking a picture????

So lesson learned, I'm always going to be a pain in the butt when it comes to pictures and check it myself.

And just to prove we were not blurry blobs all night here are our individual pictures.


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