Nov 1, 2012

EEGs and Halloween

While most of my friends were trying to keep their kids calm all morning on Halloween, I was trying to convince Mark that it really was a good idea not to eat or drink anything all day. This was no easy feat considering this is the kid who eats all the time and truly believes that he is a starved child. And then you throw in the fact that he was kept up 3 hours past his bedtime and woken up at 5am, it was a rough morning. And why were we doing all this? Well Mark got an EEG at 1pm on Halloween and he had to be sedated so no food or water after 9am and he was limited on his sleep the night before.

The drive to the neurologist's office was very interesting. The poor kid was fighting to fall asleep and I was doing everything in my power to keep him awake. Once we got there, he was very happy to get the chance to fall asleep. He was very excited to be in a new room, but the sedation kicked in very fast and he was out in 10 minutes.

How sad does this kid look? And yes I'm well aware that most moms don't take pictures of their kids getting an EEG, but then again, I'm not most moms. I document all my kids moments, why miss this one?

He did fine, he didn't even twitch when the strobe light session started. We had to wake him up to leave but he was asleep the second he hit the car seat and didn't wake up until I dragged him out of bed at 5 for the Halloween events. We was very sad and tired for the first hour or two but he perked up and had a great time. We went to my mom's church for trunk or treat and then we went trick or treating in our neighborhood.

And with the little amount of time we spent collecting candy, my kids brought in quite a haul.

Have no fear, we made sure that the kids paid their candy taxes last night. Brett levied a heavy tax on the peanut butter cups. And then I pulled out all the gum and hard candy for the trash since I don't want to deal with that mess. I don't like having candy on hand for days and days so I let them attack it will gusto for a few days and eat until their stomachs hurt and it's usually gone in 5 days. I know some of you are horrified by this method, but I'm horrified by eating 2 pieces a day for 45 days and having candy in the house for weeks. See, to each her own!

How was your Halloween? And tell the truth, are you stealing your kids candy too?


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