Nov 26, 2012

When Only One Twin Goes to Preschool

Was this really three years ago?

Yesterday my twins turned 3 and it was a very weird day for me. You see I truly no longer have babies anymore. The weird thing is that I don't want to have a baby again, but I don't want my babies to stop being babies. I think only a mom who knows she is done having kids can understand this predicament. And to make my day a little weirder, it was my last day home with my son before he started preschool.

Mark has gone through many educational evaluations this past month. Early Intervention ends when your child turns three. After the age of three the school district takes over. Just a medical diagnosis will not get your child into the school district, they have to qualify in two of the five areas. Sadly, Mark qualified in all five areas which put him in the self contained special education preschool class. It was a hard blow getting his test results, I was not prepared for him to be that delayed. I knew that he was behind his sister, but I was clueless that it was that bad. Needless to say it was hard to hear.

Today was Mark's first day of preschool and this mom did her best to really build up the excitement of preschool. We met his teacher and saw his classroom last week. And we talked about how exciting it was that he was going to school all weekend. But on the inside, I was not liking this new step.

Today was the first day of preschool and boy was that little guy excited! He was so stinking cute posing for pictures this morning. For once I had a hard time choosing a picture to post, he smiled and looked at the camera every single time. And seriously how cute is that picture? The backpack is bigger than Mark!

When we got to school I thought it would be a little hard on me, and I figured he might cry when I left him. But I was unprepared for the reaction that I got. Brett met us there to see him off on his first day. He strutted up to school and said hi to his teacher and was all smiles. And then it happened.

We handed him off to his teacher and the tears began. We waved goodbye and left while Mommy tried not to cry. And here is what I wasn't prepared for, Molly burst into tears! She cried for the next 15 minutes. She kept asking for her Marky and said that we needed to go back for him. She broke my heart crying for her twin. (When I picked up Mark his teacher told me that he cried for 6 minutes and then he had a great day, I wasn't surprised but I was happy to hear it.)

I tried explaining to her that Mark used to get help at home for his Cerebral Palsy and now that he's three he's getting help at preschool. She wanted nothing to do with my explanation, she just wanted her twin. When we picked him up from school, they were very excited to see each other! It was so cute, and it made me realize that my twins are never apart. I didn't think about how hard it would be on them to be apart for the first time. I thought it would be hard on me putting my baby on the bus every morning, but I didn't think about them being away from each other.

I'm sure that everything will be normal in a few weeks and he'll run on the bus and we'll wave and then go about our day. But until normal begins, I'm going to give Molly extra special Mommy time. And just think, tomorrow Mark and Isabella go to preschool leaving Molly home alone with me. I'm going to let her pick what we do-anything that little girl wants.


  1. Ohhhh :( This breaks my little twin momma's heart. I know the bond well. Glad to hear that Mark will be getting some additional help. Go get a pedi with your little girl tomorrow : )

    1. We went to the children's museum and she had a blast not having to share mommy. I think she will learn to love her special mommy time.

  2. I just found your blog through a post shared by on Facebook. I clicked this "you might also like" link at the bottom and wanted to let you know you're not alone. My twin boys are 4, and started preschool separately this year. It was hard on all 3 of us! They still have issues being apart and it breaks my heart.

    1. I'm so sorry your twins are going through this too. It's hard when people don't understand why twins struggle being apart. I think it's something you can't understand unless you're a twin or twin parent.


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