Dec 13, 2012

Turns Out Being An Only Child Isn't All That Bad

I was really worried about Molly being the only child home twice a week while her siblings went to preschool. I was afraid that she would feel left out and sad that she didn't get to go to preschool too. I even looked into enrolling her in Isabella's preschool in case it became such a big issue. Silly mommy, why do you worry about these things? As it turns out, Molly loves getting alone time with Mommy.

She is so cute when we are together. On her first day alone with me we went to the Children's Museum. Holy cow that place is so much fun when you're not constantly counting to three making sure that all your kids are still in sight. We had the best time together and that ended all my worries about her feeling left out.

Today we did some Christmas shopping for my husband and I was a little annoyed that she is now old enough that I couldn't slip in some stocking stuffers. I miss those days! But at 3, there is no way I'm taking that risk. She was cracking me up through the store with her suggestions for her daddy. Like daddy needs something purple or we should get daddy the lawn bowling game. Um no not so much.

And then since she was begging to go to the park, we headed to McDonald's for their play area. Don't judge me, it's freaking cold today! She played and we had lunch, but her favorite part was the free tiny ice cream that they give to kids. It was freezing in the kids' play area so I didn't think she would really want the ice cream. But Molly proved to me that it is never too cold for ice cream.

Yep, I think she's doing just fine being an only child two mornings a week. My mom guilt is officially gone.


  1. I've found that all of my kids crave one-on-one attention. They think their turn to go to the grocery store with me is the greatest thing ever and the conversations we have are priceless. They always say things to me or ask questions that they would never say if the whole family was around. Glad she is doing well!

  2. I remember when my older one started going to school full-time, and I honestly almost didn't even put the younger one in preschool at all, because it was so easy to be one-on-one with her! :)


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