Jan 21, 2013

Advil Congestion Relief-A Solution for Colds

My family was hit hard this winter with colds, the flu, and chicken pox. In fact it became downright comical when we got a cold since we had been sick for 5 weeks and I thought it was impossible for us to get sick yet again.

So when I got a cold shortly after having the flu I was really glad that I had signed up to blog about Advil Congestion Relief. I signed up since I knew a cold would hit me at some point this winter. It really is just a matter of time with three kids under the age of 5. Normally when I get a cold I buy whatever is on sale at the time. Prior to this illness I had never tried an Advil cold product. And it was really nice to have something on hand so I didn't have to rush to the store once I didn't feel very well. It's a pain running to the store with three little ones in tow. Why haven't I ever done that before?

I will say that I was shocked at how well my nose cleared up. The thing I hate about a cold the most is having a constant dripping nose. It's mostly annoying but the raw, red nose I have after two days is painful and unattractive. And while I was still pretty tired and miserable while I had my cold, at least I could breath. And when you need rest to feel better, the ability to breath is crucial. I also liked that the pill was small and I only had to take one at a time. And the formula is non-drowsy so I can take it during the day. And it really didn't make me tired unlike some brands that claim they are non-drowsy but make you tired anyway.

Advil has several products on the market to help you feel better when you're sick. Ask your pharmacist which type is right for your illness.

Disclaimer-I received a sample of Advil Congestion Relief to facilitate my review as a Smiley360 blogger. All opinions are mine and no further compensation was provided.


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