Jan 8, 2013

Book Review-Cleaning House

Cleaning House

I want to raise self sufficient kids who do not depend on me for everything in life. Great goal right? But how do I get my kids to be self sufficient? You know without tears or tantrums and that is just from the adults. After reading the description of the book Cleaning House by Kay Wyma, I thought this book could help me out.

This is not a book about cleaning your house of junk or clutter, it's about getting your kids to help around the house. The beginning of the book opens with Kay realizing that her kids didn't do anything for themselves and they felt a false sense of entitlement. To be fair to Kay, I'm pretty sure that description fits most of the kids in our country. But instead of resigning herself to having entitled kids, she devises a plan to make her kids self sufficient.

Each month Kay gives her family a new challenge to accept more responsibility. My favorite month was when each child had to cook dinner one night a week. It was pretty funny and I can imagine the look on my husband face if I suggested this challenge to him. Slowly over the course of a year, Kay's children learn to be more responsible and work hard. My kids are a little too young to implement many of the challenges in the book, but I'm going to keep it to reread in a few years when they're older. I like that this book has practical advice that parents can use in their home. And the book has many humorous moments which make it an easy read.

Disclaimer - I received a free copy of this book to review from WaterBrook Multnomah publishing all opinions are 100% mine.


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