Jan 25, 2013

Confessions on Cleaning House

I confess before I had kids Brett and I cleaned the house from top to bottom every Saturday morning. It took us about 45 minutes and the house stayed clean for days.

I confess now that I have kids I clean most Fridays for 90 minutes and call it good enough. I set a timer and when it goes off I'm done-well except for laundry since that takes hours twice a week-and I don't even care if that means the floors are dirty or if the bathroom doesn't get cleaned.

I confess last Saturday my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner and I didn't clean before they came over. I feel like I've officially overcome my need to please people with my clean home after that one.

I confess I once thought I'd overcome that need to impress people with a clean home when I stopped cleaning before parties. But I really stopped since there was no point since the house is messy after the first few guests arrive. And have you seen a house after a bunch of kids have run through it?

I confess I haven't been keeping up with my housework very well lately. And by very well, I mean I've done laundry and dishes and pretty much nothing else. And by lately I mean since November. I blame my sick kids but in reality it's because I haven't cared enough to clean.

I confess today I hit my breaking point and I cleaned the whole house. Since I started out with a house that was picked up it didn't take very long. I was done with a few thousand kid interruptions in two and a half hours.

I confess I love my small house on cleaning day! LOVE IT!

I confess it felt so good to have a completely clean house for once in a very long time.

Yeah you know that feeling didn't last long right?

I confess my son peed on the floor within 5 minutes of me finishing the last of my cleaning which was mopping of course! And then Molly spilled her applesauce at lunchtime all over the table and floor. While I was cleaning that up my son peed his pants (for the 5th time in 3 hours that kid is going to give me a stroke today) while sitting on the couch.

I confess that it was in that moment that I remembered that moms don't clean the house so it will be clean. We clean so our homes don't resemble a frat house. Although I went two weeks without mopping and the floors were starting to resemble a frat house. My kids are very messy.

I confess I am almost done with laundry and I am so planning on giving Brett the pleasure of folding the last load. Thanks to pee pee boy I acquired 7 loads of laundry since Tuesday. Really?

I confess I need a maid!


  1. Oh, the joys of having a pee boy! I remember my sister just looking at my nephew and silently pleading, "Please tell me you sat in a mud puddle and didn't pee again!" Loved this post! A maid would be wonderful!

    1. Oh the wishing it was a mud puddle, I've been there before. Once I almost pleaded with him to make the wet spot milk instead of pee. It wasn't milk. One day this too shall pass. One day.

  2. I confess that I hate folding laundry, so much so that I rarely do it... I just stuff things in drawers... all my stuff is ugly and cotton anyways lol!!

    1. I don't mind doing laundry until it's the putting it away part. I hang almost everything-that's how much I hate to fold. Even my t-shirts go on hangers.

  3. I clean houses as my job so the last thing I want to do is come home and clean mine. People think because I'm a house cleaner that mine is spotless. NOT. Between 2 boys, a hubby and 3 dogs I'm lucky if it stays clean for several hours. I discovered the same thing as you--it's better to clean after company than before. I keep the clutter at bay and no one notices if there's a little dust (or maybe a lot) or my floors aren't scrubbed. And don't even get me started on laundry. That's pretty much a daily chore to keep up with it. I don't think my washer or dryer ever sits empty. Cute post. :-)


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