Jan 18, 2013

Surviving Motherhood After Naptime Ends Confessions

I confess - I'm not sure how I'm going to survive motherhood once my kids stop napping. Even when naps end in disaster I still get some downtime.

Surviving Motherhood After Naptime Ends
Ah the good ole days!

I confess - Last night was my mothers of multiples meeting and my friends and I were talking about how there are days that we count down the hours to bedtime as soon as the naps are over.

I confess - I do that on many occasions. Many. Might be daily this week. Maybe.

I confess - I have no idea how moms get through the day without a little down time for themselves. I'm going to need some help in this area. What did you do once your kids stopped napping?

I confess - At least two of my kids haven't napped every day this week. And by two I mean Mark and Isabella since Molly is my angel when it comes to sleeping. (and eating since that girl will eat anything)

I confess - But those little stinkers keep waking up Molly before she's ready to get up. She does not wake up happy. She is very much like her mother that way. She needs to wake up on her own and leave her bed on her own.

I confess - I find people who wake up and bounce out of bed really annoying. I find it even more annoying to be married to a person who bounces out of bed since he wants me to do the same thing. NO! I want to hit snooze and lay in bed for as long as my kids will stay out of trouble a few minutes.

I confess - Yesterday my new fire pit was delivered. I wish it was here last week when it was 30 degrees cooler, but I'm still very excited! I can't wait to get it set up and make s'mores tonight! Hopefully tonight goes over better than the last time we made s'mores which I nicknamed white trash s'mores.

I confess - I'm working on a post that is very personal and difficult to write. I'm trying to finish it but i can't get it just right. I hate it when that happens. It's the personal part that makes me second guess every single sentence.

I confess - I find this picture funny and I just wanted to share it again. This is Mark getting his first haircut. The Playboy in the background still cracks me up. A reader noticed it and pointed it out to me. I didn't even notice it and I was there for about an hour between my haircut and Mark's haircut.

So what are you confessing this week?


  1. lol!! I can relate to most everything on here! And I have NO idea what I will do once my kids quit napping. I think I will still try to do quiet time every day where they will have to sit in their room with books or play quietly. It's what I do with my oldest on days he isn't in school. I confess though, that next fall when my twins are 2 I have been seriously thinking about putting them in day care 1 day a week or every other week for a few hours so I can have some quiet time and get stuff done around the house or just run errands alone.

    1. This fall the director at my daughter's school made me an awesome offer to enroll all three kids in preschool. It was so tempting but after I ran the numbers I decided it wasn't worth it. I go to the gym when I'm just dying for some alone time. I went today planning on spending 10 mins on the treadmill and then showering and dressing in peace. But I ended up taking two classes and showering and dressing in exhausted peace. It was still a nice break though.


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