Feb 22, 2013

Birthday Confessions

I confess....I have too many immediate family birthday's in February. Way too many! My niece starts off the month for us. But then in one week I have my mom's on the 14th, my husband's on the 15th, and my daughter's on the 20th.

I confess.....Isabella is was so excited to turn 5 this year. Do you remember being excited to get older? What a fantastic feeling! She talked about it all month and just couldn't wait to be 5! I so miss wanting to age. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful especially when you consider the alternative, but I don't want to age.

I made some birthday pancakes. Who knew #5 pancakes would be such a hit?

I confess.....My dad bought her the cutest dress. He likes to buy her one of a kind things and since she is such a one of kind girl, it's a great fit. You tell me, do you think she liked the dress he bought?

Maybe just a little.

I confess...Instead of buying Brett a gift that he wouldn't remember, I got him a night at a hotel in the mountains. We went last night and we had a nice relaxing night. (You figured out we didn't bring the kids right?)

I confess.....We brought a bottle of wine and planned to have a nice but late night. Yeah, we were in bed at 9:30. It's a little sad but we were tired and now I'm feeling very well rested. Thankfully we arrived at the hotel at 4, so we didn't sleep the whole time we were there.

I confess.....Tomorrow is Belly's birthday party and I'm a little sad that it's not at the house with the fun Smurf theme that I planned. She changed her mind and asked for her party to be at McDonald's and that just sounded too easy and stress free to pass up. And if she wants a Smurf party next year, I still have the ideas on my Pinterest board.

I confess.....I just had to add this picture. My little Mark is a snuggle bug. He always wants to "nuggle" with his mommy. I love it!

I resisted my urge to not add all the pictures from our 30 second photo session. I'm going to be very sad when he gets to big to snuggle.

So what are you confessing this week?

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  1. You know you had me at the bottle of wine. I know I sound like a real wino. Oh well...lol.


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