Feb 1, 2013

Confessions on Challenging Life


I confess....I have learned not to challenge life with this statement. I learned this the hard way you know the way I learn all my life lessons.

That being said

I confess....I said many times that it would not be possible for us to get sick again. HA! My son otherwise know as the kid who attends school in a Petri dish - gave us the Norovirus. Very funny universe, very funny.

I confess....This is one nasty little bug. But I'm not a good enough person to say I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, I totally would.

I confess....My daughters have a toy box that only knows how to slam closed. And it's loud. Very loud. It makes me jump every time and it makes me what to turn said toy box into firewood. It just seems easier to turn it into firewood than convince my kids not to let it slam closed.

I confess....I asked my son to take a picture with me this week. He refused but offered me a kiss instead. The joke is on him and now I have this awesome picture.

I confess....Mark is my little snuggle bug and I love it! I'm not going to lie there are times when I find it annoying since I have things to do, but then I remember that my days of being a mom to a snuggle bug are limited.

I confess....Molly loves our time alone when her siblings are in school. This week we finally opened one of her Christmas presents and I realized that it was perfect for letter practicing. And I discovered this week that she is left handed.

Top name with my help, bottom name on her own.

I confess....Only having one kid at home is fun for me, but it's exhausting! I'm used to my kids having playmates at all times. I know there are many moms who can't imagine how I do it, but I really don't know how moms with one kid entertain them all day.

I confess....Between bath and bed we snuggle on the couch and read a few books and have family prayer time. While we waited for Molly and Daddy, we were taking silly pictures. In this picture we are making sad faces.

At least mommy knows how to follow directions.

What are you confessing today?


  1. Aren't kids fun! :) Sorry your family was sick. And yes, I agree that it is hard having just one kid home who needs constant attention. I love my little buggers but they can be challenging at times. But I wouldn't change my time with them for anything.

    1. It's just so weird having a kid all to myself for the first time in 3 years. I kinda forgot what it was like.

  2. I hear ya' sister! I have so many people who think 4 is harder than 1.... but I actually think that in many situations 4 is easier. I love that my kiddos have built in playmates and friends. Thanks for sharing.
    Freezer Meal Mom

    1. It's until you want to dash into a store that more kids are not easier. The built in playmates are the best!


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