Feb 7, 2013

Kids Really do Say the Darnedest Things

Before I became a mom, I was a teacher and I learned very quickly that kids say the darnedest things. One of my favorite moments of my teaching career was when I told my students that I was pregnant and one of my second graders informed me that "my cousin is pregnant and my mama say she nasty 'cause she isn't married." I couldn't help myself, I started laughing so hard and I had a hard time stopping.

Well my kids have been on a roll lately and the things that have been said in my house have cracked me up. I'm not going to lie, there are times when I'm half proud of what they say and half mortified that they are becoming little smart asses just like their parents. I'd love to blame Brett for this but well, people have met me.

Yesterday Isabella and Molly were having a mini meltdown because they forgot their coloring pages at the gym. I asked them to calm down to which Isabella replied "mommy, I'm choosing to over exaggerate." Gee I'm so glad to know that it's a choice.

Molly asked Brett if his stomach bug was gone and he told her yes. As serious as she could she said "mommy if daddy had just thrown up like Belly his stomach bug would have gone bye bye a long time ago." How can you argue with logic like that?

Isabella - Mommy! Molly is climbing on the couch!
Me - Are you telling me because you want to help Molly or get her in trouble?
Isabella - Never mind!

Isabella - Mommy! Mark just said he didn't want to be my friend, that wasn't very kind of him.
Me - Do you think he said that because you hit him?
Isabella - You saw that?
Me - Yes
Isabella - Oh never mind!

Whenever something goes wrong in our house the kids say "oh coconuts!" That has to be from a cartoon, but I have no idea which one it's from.

Guess which kid lets me dress them?

Molly - Mommy are you mad at me?
Me - No honey, I'm just frustrated because you're not listening.
Molly - Mad and frustrating look the same to me mommy.
Smart ass!

After screaming touchdown my 3 year old informed me that "you don't scream inside we scream outside." And "can you show me what your indoor voice sounds like?" Mommy got schooled!

I really need to write more of these down as they are said since I cannot remember 90% of what goes on around here. What have your kids said lately that cracks you up?


  1. That is some funny stuff! I love the "you saw that?" one the best. LOL Definitely keep writing these down! I have forgotten nearly all of those cute & funny things my kids have said...I wish I had done better at keeping track of it all.

    1. I forget 90% of what my kids say. I had to call my husband and look at my FB page to write this post.

  2. My kids are always good for a laugh. I need to be better at writing it all down too. One of my best was when my 4 year old came running in and said, "Mom, the baby's speaking spanish!"

  3. I love this! "you saw that??" made me laugh!! I need to write down some of the things that come out of my 4 and 5 year olds mouth.


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