Feb 5, 2013

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas for Twins

My twins decided they wanted a pirate themed birthday party for their 3rd birthday. It's getting harder to think of themes for a boy/girl birthday party so I'm glad they picked something very easy. Now things did not go well for me for Isabella's 3rd birthday party, so I shouldn't be surprised that things didn't go well for Mark and Molly's 3rd birthday. You see the day before the party, Mark got chicken pox so the party had to be rescheduled. Twice! Since the other kiddos decided to get the pox too. Go figure huh? But two weeks later everyone was better and we had the party.

Decoration Ideas

Our main decorations were two pirate ships. We had balloons and streamers to make the house festive but these were the focal point of the party decorations.


Originally the party was going to be outside since the weather is pretty nice in Las Vegas in November. But once the party was rescheduled it was a cold December day so we moved the party inside which only allowed for one pirate ship to be inside as I have a small house.
In my mind the kids would have balloon fights from each pirate ship, but in reality they threw the balloons at the adults since they're was only one ship. It all worked out in the end since the kids loved them and played with them throughout the whole party. (And two months later they're still in my backyard and the kids play in them almost everyday.) I made these from pumpkin boxes (yes they were in my garage from early October to December. Ask your local farmers market or grocery store for one.) and I painted them brown. I am not the best artist in the world so I kept them simple. I painted their names and some circles for portholes on the sides. The flag poles were scrap metal pieces taken from one of my husband's job, and I made the flags from some black felt and fabric paint I had on hand.

Party Games
Since my twins are pretty young I didn't want too many games during the party. I think two are perfect for this age and we picked pin the treasure chest on the map and walk the plank. I picked up the pin the treasure chest on the map game at the Dollar Tree. You just have to love a party game that cost $1! And for walk the plank we used more materials that we have around the house and from a job site. There are times when I just love having a husband in construction and this is one of those times.
I think Molly walked the plank about 30 times.

But Mark needed Mommy's help

Food Ideas

I wanted something really easy for the food so I didn't ask the kids for input on this aspect of the party. I did a nacho bar. It is the easiest food idea and we ate all the food so it must have been really good. I somehow didn't take a picture of the nacho bar but picture three crock pots with queso, refried beans, and taco meat and all the nacho fixings on the side.

But the cakes I'm very proud of! Like I said, I'm not very artistic and that goes into my baking skills as well.

These pirate ship cakes were so easy to make!
  1. You bake a cake straight from the box (I know the horror, try to forgive me) in two 9 inch round pans.
  2. Take one round pan cake (after it's cooled of course!) and cut it in half.
  3. Put the cakes standing up on the flat side and cut the top of the round side so the top of the cake is flat. You want the sides of the cake to be flat, so you just need to cut enough off to make a flat surface.
  4. Frost and decorate your cakes. Tip-put the cakes in the freezer for about 10 minutes so they are easier to frost where the cake has been cut. I made three portholes with three candles coming out since they're three!
  5. I printed the flags and pulled some pirate toys from my son's pirate ship toy. The flag post are cut down wooden skewers.
I will NOT look at the camera or smile.

The candles scared Mark, Mommy blew them out.

Party Favors and Game Prizes

Do you have a Dollar Tree in your area? I urge you to go there, that store is your best friend for parties! And no they are not paying me to say that, I really just love that store! I found some pirate board books for-you guessed it-$1 each. I made those the party favors. Personally I'd much rather leave the party with a book than a bag of candy and junk. And I bought coloring books there as well for the games prizes.

Even with all the drama with the party being rescheduled twice and less friends being able to attend, it was a great party! And hands down one of the easiest parties I have ever planned. The nacho bar really made my life easy! I wish I could say that it was the cheapest but that win goes to the Toy Story birthday party at $75. This one came in at $80, and I blame the paint. I said we needed a quart my husband said a gallon. I bought a gallon. We needed a quart in case you were wondering.

Oh and since I'm a slacker blogger, this party occurred almost two months ago. We are now planning Isabella's birthday party and Mark and Molly are still talking about their pirate ship birthday party. I call that a win!



  1. Looks like a fun party!

  2. Mmm a nacho bar sounds like a great party idea! I'll definitely have to keep that one in mind.

  3. All is well if end is well. At the end you had awesome party with your kids and that is the important thing. the party decorations are also nice. Though you are not artistic,cakes you have made looks pretty good.

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