Feb 13, 2013

When You Can't Find Your Kid

Have you ever lost your child? I've been assured from all the moms around me that at some point everyone loses their kid for at least a minute or two. But of course that would never happen to me right? After all I'm super mom - haven't you seen my cape? (This is when a sarcasm font would be beneficial)

When I'm at the park or another public place where my kids can roam free I'm constantly doing the one, two, three kid count. Constantly! I have a runner in my trio and he needs constant supervision. With my little runner you would think that the place that I lost him would be in a store or at the park.

You would be wrong!

On Monday the kids were up from their naps and playing in their rooms. They actually never napped, so they were just playing in their room until nap time was over. Brett got home from work and got them out of their rooms while I finished my blog post. He came out of the room and asked where Mark was. I told him he was in his room.

He was not in his room!

We frantically searched the house and garage and in about 5 seconds my heart was in my throat. I was calling his name and not getting an answer. Brett asked if he was in the backyard, I said no he has to be in the house since I was in the family room between the front and back doors. And then Brett calls me into Mark's room-you know the one that was empty.

And there was my sweet boy, sound asleep under his crib. He wasn't lost, not really anyway but I couldn't find him all the same. My heart was racing and I still cannot believe the pure panic that I felt while I was looking for Mark. And we didn't look for long so it really does seem ridiculous that I went straight into panic mode.

Now that I've felt the panic associated with losing my kid, I think I'll be even more frantic with my one, two, three count in public. It's not a feeling I want to experience again.

Have you ever lost your kid?


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