Mar 6, 2013

Mint M&Ms-This Mom Isn't Sharing!

I love Mint M&Ms but I hate that they are only available at Christmas! And don't try to sell me that the dark chocolate mint M&Ms are just as good as the milk chocolate ones, I'm not buying it!

Now I'm not going to admit to how many bags I buy in December. But I will tell you that I buy several a few bags after Christmas when they go on clearance. And I'm a mean mommy, so there is absolutely no sharing with my kids. This means that I have to hide the M&Ms from them.

Now my kids are not the put them on the top shelf and they'll never find them kind of kids. Oh no, they will get into any cabinet or high shelf once they see something that they want. Molly once got into some M&Ms that were on top of the fridge. How? She pushed a chair to the counter, climbed on the counter, stood on the toaster, and then crawled onto the  fridge. Oh did I mention that she was two years old when she did this? I was equally horrified and impressed at the same time.

I hid my M&Ms very well this year. The kids didn't get a single one! And then something weird and very unlike me happened - I forgot about two bags that I hid! I found them a few days ago and you would have thought I found a pot of gold. I was so excited, I've never had my precious Mint M&Ms in March!

I'm going to have some candy in my hoodie pocket for the next few days. I keep it there so I can sneak a piece when the kids aren't looking. I wonder how long it will take my kids to figure out that I hide candy in there?

Do you have a treat that you hide from your kids?


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