Mar 22, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Confessions

I confess....I believe that there are people who act as angels in your life. And today the absolute kindness of a stranger made me cry and have a level of gratitude towards him that I can never fully express.

I confess....My kids are testing my patience this week. Molly broke my laptop on Monday by spilling her milk all over the table which ran straight to my laptop. Main board fried and I got to buy a new laptop on Monday. I was less than impressed.

Who me? Nah, I'm an angel!

I confess....My kids like to get into my purse and bag and they somehow managed to lose my drivers license. UGH! I was so annoyed with them! I looked everywhere it could possible be before I loaded up three kids to go to the DMV.

I confess.....Our DMV serves hot food, you  know this is a place you will wait FOREVER when they serve hot food.

I confess....When I got there, just in my letter (there are about 5 letters total) there were 110 people ahead of me!!! Oh just kill me now!

I confess....I snapped at Mark and then immediately apologized since I was just frustrated and he was acting like a 3 year old. The man next to me asked me why I was there and we talked for a little bit.

Can you believe she snapped at this face?

I confess....He made me cry when he said he would trade numbers with me. His number was 54 spots above mine! This was a huge sacrifice on his time.

I confess....He said that he was there with a book and that clearly I needed to get out of there faster than him. And then he said that he would allow me to tell him no.

I confess....I wasn't going to say no, I know better than to turn down a gift like that.

I confess....After this amazing act of kindness, my whole attitude changed. I was able to read to my kids and I was no longer annoyed. We actually enjoyed our time there reading books and eating a whole box of Cheeze-Its. (don't judge, I was keeping them quiet and sitting still)

I confess....Someone who works at the DMV has about a million cracker crumbs to clean up where we were sitting.

I confess....We made it in and out in about 90 minutes. I cannot imagine how different our visit would have been if that man hadn't changed numbers with me. Mostly due to the adjustment in my attitude. OK fine, it's about 90% due to the adjustment in my attitude and 10% in the change in duration.

I confess....He was my angel today. Thank you to the kind man who saved my day. You'll never know how much it helped me today!

Has an random act of kindness ever made an impact on your day?


  1. Stories like these help to restore faith in the world. :)

  2. Oh I love that! And girl, I am feeling you on the toddla' drama this week. It's been BAD. And I confess I have been bad: short-tempered and not-so-fun Mommy. Miss their daddy and still 3 more days to go. But your story gives me inspiration that there may be a turnaround :) Or at least my attitude needs to. Have a great weekend! (sorry for the long comment!)

    1. I hope things are better now that your husband is home. It's so hard when you're parenting solo.

  3. I just love people like that who see a way they can help moms with kids instead of throwing judging looks in their direction or being annoyed. So glad you had an angel to help you out!

    1. Me too! I cannot imagine what my day would have been like if I was there for 3 hours.


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