Mar 5, 2013

Turtles A Fascinating Pet

I had no idea that my kids would find turtles so fascinating or that they would want one for a pet! I hate to break the news to them, but we will never have a pet turtle. I'm the mom who has decided that dogs are the only suitable pet. My kids will have to settle for going to the Dinosaur park and watch the turtles. Last Friday we went to the park to run off some energy and play with my Dad who was in town visiting. My Dad distracted a turtle with a stick while Brett picked it up. And then the fun began....

Yeahhhhh, I'm not touching that thing.
Hey he's funny to touch

Brett explaining why the turtle had his head in his shell.

Mark loved petting the turtle!

Isabella wanted everyone to be quiet so turtle wouldn't be scared.

Look a future umpire

Finally the poor turtle was set free!
The kids had a great time playing and petting the turtle. It's really the simple things in life with kids. And on Monday when we went back to run more energy out they made a bee line for the turtles and there were about 50 sunbathing that my kids scared into the water. I think this one remembered us. 

I love that this big turtle used the little guy to step over and get away from my son. So I guess the little things in life amuse me too. I was laughing hysterically and the kids couldn't figure out what was so funny.

But we are still not getting a pet turtle.


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