Apr 9, 2013

Big Changes in the Family

Big changes are coming to my family in the next few weeks. Brett got a new job and we are very excited about it. And while a new job would be a big change for any family, the fact that the job is on the other side of the country makes it a huge change for the whole family. In exactly 10 days, the moving van arrives to take our life to Raleigh.

Last weekend Brett and I went to Raleigh to find a rental home. We finally found a house in Cary, but the process was far more stressful than I ever could have imagined. We spent almost 3 days straight in the car driving around trying to find an available rental property. Needless to say it was an exhausting weekend but we still had a good time and after seeing our new city for the first time, we are more excited to move there.

I learned a few things about homes in Raleigh while we were there. One, homes with a fence are very rare. Two, homes with garages are not rare but they are not the norm either. And three, homes that have both are not for rent at a reasonable rate or have multiple couples trying to rent them as well.

Our New Home

We found this little house on a quiet street. I already feel sorry for the current residents on my new street. We were there on Saturday and Sunday and the street was very quiet! That will change once my kids arrive, the only time they're quiet is when they sleep. And they love to be outside!

I love the street and the area where we are going to live. I wish the house wasn't so small but the yard more than makes up for it.

The back yard

Side yard

My kids are going to be beyond dirty from now on! Can you imagine the fun that they will have in that huge yard? It may not look that big to you, but compared to the yards in Vegas it's gigantic! Brett and I laughed thinking about how dirty those kids are going to be all the time. After all, they manage to get this dirty in the desert, in grass.

And now the packing begins! I'm really not looking forward to packing! For those of you who have moved before do you have any tips for me? The last time I moved to a new city I was 15 so it was pretty easy to make new friends and adjust. I'm a little nervous about moving as a stay at home mom.



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