Apr 12, 2013

Motherhood Confessions

I confess....When I saw the article about the mom who says her children were her biggest regret, I decided to pass on reading it. Why? What good would have come from it? In the teaser it said that she cannot understand why any woman would actually want children. There is no point for me to read it.

I confess....And then I went on Facebook and saw the poop storm this article was causing and I knew I made the right decision not to read it. Do you ever just know you need to not even be tempted to weigh in on the drama? Although it's good that moms have a new thing to fight about. Life would get dull if we kept arguing about the same old topics like how to feed your kids, where they should sleep, and how they get educated. I'm so glad we have another line to draw in the sand on what makes a mom good.

I confess....I think calling someone a bad mom makes you a bad human. Deal with it.

I confess....I've never been called a bad mom (to my face at least) but I have been called a selfish mom. It hurt even though that person knew nothing about me other than the fact that I didn't believe in attachment parenting. It was in that moment that I realized that we never leave high school.

I confess....I will tell you the one thing that I'm extremely judgmental about when it comes to parenting. Today I took the kids to Burger King for lunch and some playtime. There were two moms there meeting for lunch. The one mom told her daughter if she didn't stop screaming they would leave. I stopped counting after she said it 8 times because it was annoying me to keep count. Of course her kid never stopped screaming, there wasn't a consequence and the kid knew it.

I confess....I get it, you made a threat before you could think it through. I've done it. It SUCKS! I once lost my temper and screamed that I would throw it into the trash if they didn't stop fighting over it. As soon as I said it I knew I was in trouble.

I confess.....My kids didn't believe me and I had to throw it into the trash since I said I would. Yep sometimes parenting sucks but if you want your kids to listen you have to follow through with your threats. Even if it means leaving somewhere early or throwing something in the trash.

I confess.....And while I was annoyed with the screaming, I still don't think she was a bad mom. She's just bad at making threats or following through with them depending on your angle. See the difference folks? One mistake or decision doesn't make you bad at parenting. Hell, if one bad decision qualified me a bad mom I would be bad a few hundred times over.

I confess....Our moms had it so much better in some ways. Yes they didn't have digital cameras or DVRs but they didn't' have to deal with social media. It's a blessing and a curse all wrapped together. I love social media until I hate it.

I confess....I do think digital cameras and DVRs make being a mom today awesome!

I confess....I wonder if our mothers felt like every decision they made brought on judgment from the peanut gallery?

Speaking of social media

I confess....I don't know what to do about the person on Facebook who posts a million times a day. I don't want to see your (and I'm not exaggerating here) 10 inspirational quotes everyday and then all the hilarious postcards that you share.

Do you hide them? Unfriend even though you're friends? Allow them to clog your newsfeed with 16 posts in a row? Or take the big girl panties approach and say something to them?


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