Apr 16, 2013

Patriot's Day Indeed

Yesterday was Patriot's Day in every sense of the meaning of that holiday. At first when I was watching the news coverage I was broken hearted and a little worried. A friend and former coworker was at the marathon and I was worried about her. Thankfully she was alright but the heartache continues. I know it will continue for a long time, but there was something that gave me hope.

The reports about all the amazing first responders started coming in. Men and women who rushed in to help strangers. Patriots Indeed.

Marathon runners who headed to the hospital to give blood supplying The Red Cross with enough blood to meet the demand. Patriots Indeed.

People offering the marathon runners a place to rest, use the bathroom, charge their phones, take a shower, or have something to eat. Patriots Indeed.

Then the report of the people offering up their homes to anyone who needed a place to stay or a meal to eat. Patriots Indeed.

In the middle of terror and chaos came the outpouring of love and hope. I was so heartbroken wondering what is wrong with the world to make people set off those explosions. But after hearing the reports about all the true patriots, I remembered that there are far more good people in this world than evil. I'm still heartbroken, but I have some hope again.

The victims and their families are in my prayers. I'm also praying for this nation so we can heal and come together during this time of need.

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