Apr 15, 2013

Sisters, They Really Do Love Each Other

Every now and then my daughters act like the sweet loving sisters I've always imagined them to be since Molly was born. And of course the rest of the time they are fighting or deliberately trying as hard as possible to annoy each other.  Ah reality, you are so mean sometimes.

My kids woke up fired up and ready to start their day running - you know like they do everyday! I put Mark on the bus and quickly realized that I had to get my girls out of the house and run some energy out or I was in big trouble. We headed out to the park and after some much needed play time, they wanted to check out the ducks and turtles.

Don't be fooled by the duck on the left - he's mean!

Isabella was loving the camera today!

After I took a few pictures of the playing, they decided that they wanted to pose for some pictures. Now you have to know that they never, ever want to pose for pictures. It takes a miracle to get my kids to look and smile at the camera at the same time. Getting them to pose and be cute, well that just never happens. I'm glad I was able to take advantage of this opportunity.

I love these pictures! They were so cute hugging and laughing at each other. I missed the picture of them kissing and I'm a little bummed about that but since the last picture is probably the best picture I've ever taken so I'm going to be OK with it.

Next time they're fighting, I'm going to pull out this picture and remember that they really do love each other.


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