May 14, 2013

Confidence My Son's New Weapon Against Cerebral Palsy

Something amazing has happened to Mark, he has become a confident brave little boy! For those of you who don't know his background, Mark has Cerebral Palsy and his gross and fine motor skills are still very delayed. Between daily stretching and PT and OT Mark has made huge strides but in the last 6 months he has overcome one of his biggest obstacles, fear!

From the very beginning his therapists said that Mark's fear was getting in his way. He never wanted to do anything unless he was 100 percent confident that he would succeed. And I'm not surprised that this is part of his personality considering how many times the poor kid has fallen and that he's ended up more scraps and bruises than I could ever count.

His latest battle scar.

We have really noticed a huge improvement in Mark in the last six months with his confidence. He doesn't hesitate as much anymore and he doesn't immediately ask for help when he's unsure. I notice his confidence the most when we are at the play ground. I took this video last week for two reasons. One, I was shocked that he was doing what he was doing and two, I knew Brett would be sad that he missed it.

I can't believe that my little guy climbed that rock wall! He did it again before we left and he had the biggest smile on his face. I loved seeing him looking so proud of himself. These are the moments that I hold onto when the bad days roll around.

So the girls don't feel left out, they climbed the rock wall too. Molly tried to climb over the top to the other side and Isabella got scared halfway up. She is a little fearful too. Just a little!

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