May 16, 2013

Pooping at Table - Should We Judge?

In general I think we are far too judgmental towards parents who do things differently. And if I could ever begin to think that's not true all I need to do is go on Facebook and look at the latest Parents magazine post. This week they posted an article on whether kids should eat fast food occasionally. Of course the comments were mostly from self righteous mothers who have never fed their kids fast food since it's just the most horrible thing a parent could ever give their child. And then somehow the comments also started including that they don't allow their children to watch TV. Which is just as horrible of course according to these commenters.

I'm such a good mom that I let my kid drink the sweet and sour sauce.

Let me be clear, feed your kids whatever you want. I couldn't care less. I have no idea why so many parents make themselves feel better by making other parents feel bad. I really could care less how you're raising your kid as long as they are not being abused and neglected. That's where I start to care if you're being abusive or neglectful.

And then today's article popped up. About a kid pooping in a potty. In a restaurant. AT THE TABLE.

OK, I'm about to go all judgmental on that kid's parents. I know, I know he was with the nanny but who do you think told the nanny to bring the portable potty?

First of all, gross! That is disgusting! Who would let a kid poop in a portable potty in the middle of a restaurant? I don't give a crap that they were eating on the patio, being outside does not change the fact that people go there to eat! You have an obligation to the people around you to act like a decent human being. And in case you missed it, no one wants to watch someone poop while they eat, regardless of how old they are.

Second, why are you allowing your child to think it's OK to go to the bathroom in public? Bathrooms are private for a reason, it's a private bodily function! You're potty training a kid right? Teach them correctly from the beginning! I'm sure no one would allow a 45 year old man to use a portable potty at the table.

Third, pooping at the table is not a potty training method it's just rude entitlement behavior.

I have to say that I'm seriously worried about some kids growing up and thinking they can do anything they want. Oh wait, that's already happening and crap like this only makes it worse. What's the message to little Johnny? Don't think about others, you're the only one who matters so go ahead and poop at the table.

Parents please wake up! You need to be respectful to other people. And when you're allowing your kid to poop at the table you're sending the message loud and clear - I am the center of the universe and my needs and wants are all the matter. Do you really want your kids to grow up and model that behavior?

Lord I hope not!

So what do you think, should we judge parents for this level of disrespect?

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  1. That is just crazy. Come on people. People are eating there and don't need to watch someone on a pot. That is meant to be done in private, afterall, that is where the rest of us do it.


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