May 23, 2013

Tips on Unpacking After Moving

It's funny how many people told me that unpacking a house after a move takes forever. Why? Because I had my house completely unpacked within 30 hours of the moving van arriving. Well it's 30 hours if you don't count the one box of pictures that took two more days as I decided where they should go. I count it, but if you don't the moving van arrived on Wednesday and by Saturday evening everything was organized, put away, and hung on the walls.

Of course it helps that my husband and I are very organized people by nature. (Read type a freaks who cannot go to bed unless everything is put away.) But I got some great advice from my mom and friends who have moved before and I took their advice and incorporated some of my own and I'm going to pass all our wisdom to you.

  1. Before the moving van arrives try to think about where you're going to put things. This advice was given to me by my mom and two military friends. And since my moving van was a week late, I had plenty of time to think about where things would go. It was so helpful having a game plan and it made unpacking so much easier!                                                                    
  2. Resist the urge to throw boxes in the garage. Our new house doesn't have a garage so it wasn't even an option but this was the most common advice I was given. It makes sense if you think about it, if you stack boxes in the garage it's really easy to forget about it and still have those boxes there 9 months later.
  3. Start unpacking the second your first box is delivered. This was advice from my mom and I'm so glad I took it. I was able to unpack 20 boxes before the movers left and they hauled away some of the boxes for me. (The ones they could use again)
  4. Set up the kitchen and the kids' rooms first. A friend gave me this one and I took it to heart. While I was unpacking boxes, my husband assembled the kids furniture. (Our move included furniture assembly, but I watched them assemble our kitchen table and I made a judgment call) They were able to play and sleep in their bedrooms with everything put away that first night which was huge for them.
  5. Work for as long as possible the first day. This was my own advice and the most important to getting unpacked so quickly. I knew that we would never be as motivated as we were the first day to unpack. So we busted our butts and worked until way past bedtime the first night. And I was right, I was completely unmotivated the next day to tackle the rest of the boxes. And there were only 6 of them!
  6. Put boxes that go in the attic away right away. Once everything was unloaded we put the attic boxes away. It was so motivating seeing 12 boxes "unpacked and put away" in just a few minutes. Plus, I didn't have to worry about the kids getting into them in the morning. And it looked like less work once those boxes were out of the way.
  7. Make dinner ahead of time so you're not too tired to cook and you don't have to stop to cook. After 6 hours of unpacking the LAST thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. I'm so glad I prepped dinner ahead of time! Plus when you're working hard, you don't want fast food which will weigh you down and make you more tired than you already are feeling.
I am very proud of us for getting unpacked so quickly. I am so glad we didn't spend weeks tripping over boxes and having to spend a few hours every night unpacking. I hope these tips will help you with your move.

And for those of you who have experience moving, did I leave off any advice that really helped you?

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  1. I wish I'd found this before our stuff arrived. I'm one week into unpacking.


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