Jun 7, 2013

Confessions on Tropical Storm Andrea

I confess....There were very different reactions upon hearing that a tropical storm was heading our way.

My husband thought it would be a cool to get so much rain. I knew that it would mean 2-3 days stuck inside with the kids. Not cool!

I confess....As I turned on the computer the storm officially hit. It rained most the night and morning but nothing too hard until now. In less than 30 minutes my yard is flooded.

I confess....I just looked out my back window and noticed that my back fence was blocking the water from draining. So like a good girl I went out there to open the fence.

Just to paint you a little picture.

I confess....I only have kid umbrellas. I haven't bought one for me since I moved here. You didn't need an umbrella in Vegas.

Doesn't this look like it would protect me?

I confess....So there I am outside in the pouring rain with a little Spider man umbrella. I wade through the collected brown water only to remember that I pad lock my gate.


I confess....I had to go back to get my keys and venture out in the rain again. Don't worry, it started raining even harder for my second trip.

I confess....I am wearing capris which are now wet at the bottom.

I confess....I cannot believe that my yard flooded that fast! Lesson learned, I need to open the gate when it rains this hard.

I confess....As the only member of the family who's experienced hurricanes and tropical storms you would think I would be prepared. You would think right?

I confess....I really wish I went to the store this morning to get some food for the weekend. And by food, I do mean beer and wine. Not a drop in the house.

You know that means someone is going to have to venture into the rain.

Yeah babe, it's totally you! This lady is staying inside.

Don't worry, he loves me!

What are you confessing this week?


  1. TS Andrea can continue to carry her butt on somewhere. I am completely over it (You'd think I would be used to it all since I lived in SE Virginia for 30 years and then Southern Louisiana). But, rain ruins all my plans. My husband made the comment the other day, "Look at the tree tops. You can tell it hasn't rained in awhile." Yeah, well, Andrea made up for it, didn't she???

  2. She certainly did make up for it! We got 5 inches of rain yesterday. The kids were thrilled jumping in the puddles but I had to cancel a pool day so I was pretty annoyed. After living in the desert for 18 years this is quite an adjustment.


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