Jun 11, 2013

How did I Ever Survive my Childhood?

There are times in my life that I just think "man, I just don't get enough credit for not beating my children."

Yesterday when my kids were napping a peculiar thing happened. Somehow toothpaste managed to magically get all over my bathroom. I mean it's down right amazing how this happened. All while my kids were sound asleep in their beds.


Well if you look a little closer at my little Molly, you'll see some blue toothpaste all over her face. She told me that she was trying to brush her teeth. Hmmm, with my toothbrush and everything.

I let my little mischief maker clean up the mess. Not before I took pictures of course and I took many deep breaths! I wanted to scream and shout but I kept my cool. I'm very proud of myself for keeping my cool. It's that book I'm reading Scream Free Parenting that is really helping me keep my cool these days. I am not being paid in any way for this endorsement. I paid for the book and it's really helping me so I thought I would give it a plug.

But seriously, I have many pictures of my kids misbehaving, Molly has more than her fair share. And whenever I look at them I wonder - how on earth did I ever survive my childhood? I pulled stunts like this all the time! Just ask my mom about the time I painted my room, or dyed myself green, or insert a few hundred other example that she likes to whip out whenever Molly does something like this.

Yeah, the apple didn't fall very far from the mommy tree. It isn't enough that she looks almost identical to me at that age, does she really have to act just like me too? Daddy was a good kid, start acting like him!

Feeling a little defeated and annoyed!

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  1. Ha! You pretty much just described a regular day at my house. Congrats on not strangling anyone!


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