Jun 13, 2013

Making the Bed-It's the Small Things that Help a Marriage

I think making the bed everyday is one of the silliest ways to spend my time. I know so many people out there who think that making the bed is important and that it needs to be done daily. I think it's down right stupid. I mean why would I make a bed just to get back into it while my kids nap or at night? And even though I think it's a waste of time, I make my bed a few times a week.


That's an easy one, my husband likes the bed made. He likes the bed made so much that he will make the bed at 7:30 at night if I don't make it. Now I think he needs to be tested since that behavior is flat out obsessive, but then again I had a clear insight into his OCD before we were married.

Now before anyone jumps on me in the comment section about why he expects me to make the bed every morning instead of making it himself. (And if you see one you know that person didn't read the whole article.) I'm still in bed when he leaves for work in the morning which makes it impossible for him to make the bed. He does make the bed on the weekends in case anyone was wondering.

So a few times a week I suck it up and make the bed. And I know that when he sees that the bed is made that I did it just for him. It's such a small gesture and it really doesn't take that much time out of my day. I think my making the bed is one of the many small things I do that make our marriage strong. And when Brett does something similar for me, it's better than getting roses.

What small act of service do you do for your spouse?


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