Jul 9, 2013

How I'm Sleeping Better with DualTemp Layer by Sleep Number

Sleep Number hired me to review their DualTemp layer. I received the product in exchange for this review. 

I think most couples have the same argument when it comes to the temperature of the room at night; one person wants it cold while the other wants it hot. In my house, that means Brett sleeps in layers while I sleep just fine. Of course come summertime, the power bill forces me to keep the temperature higher than I would like to and somehow Brett is still cold.

The people at Sleep Number have now solved this problem for couples with the DualTemp layer. Now couples can set their side of the bed to run cool or warm so they are at their ideal sleeping temperature. I went into my local store to check out the DualTemp layer.

We had just moved to Raleigh when I went to the store so I didn't have anyone to watch the kids for me. So the five of us went to the store! I will say right off the bat that I was impressed that the store had an area set up for the kids to play. After lying in bed for a minute, the kids went into the play area and left us alone for the rest of the appointment. I loved that I was able to focus on the salesman and that my kids were happy and occupied.

The store had the DualTemp layer set on warm on one side and cool on the other. I loved the cool side in the store! Brett immediately said that he knew he was going to sleep better with the layer during the winter.  When the salesman mentioned that the layer makes a noise similar to a white noise machine, I got a little worried. I am a terrible insomniac and the smallest noises keep me awake. I tried to kneel down and listen to the machine but with the noise from the mall, it was impossible to tell just how loud it would be at home. The salesman said that most people adjusted to the noise in a week so I decided to go through with the review.

The heating and cooling source is under the bed. 

I was very excited the day the DualTemp layer arrived. I made sure I turned on the layer 20 minutes before I got into bed so my bed would be nice and cold. That first night, the noise of the cooling source made it a little difficult to fall asleep but I slept great once I did fall asleep and I didn't wake up until Brett's alarm went off! Normally I wake up a few times in the night because I'm hot or some other noise. Within 5 days, the noise no longer bothers me when I'm trying to fall asleep. Score one for the salesman, he knows his stuff!

We've had the DualTemp layer for 3 weeks now and I can't imagine how I possibly slept before it. I always knew I slept better in a cooler temperature, but I didn't realize how much temperature affects how I sleep. I love that I'm no longer waking up in the night. I actually think the white noise helps me sleep better. Plus an unexpected added benefit is that my bed is more comfortable now.

And while Brett is enjoying the bed now, he can't wait for winter when his bed is warm and cozy. We absolutely love the DualTemp layer!

About DualTemp Layer

The DualTemp layer can be added to any bed* and uses Active Air Technology to cool the bed. You get to control your side of the bed so you find the perfect temperature. With a touch of a button you can make the bed go from cool to warm. There are three settings on the cool side and the warm side. The temperature is evenly distributed so you'll be comfortable from head to toe. A timer allows you to set your temperature for up to 9 hours. The layer comes with a limited 3 year warranty. 

You can learn more information by visiting Sleep Number's website. I really believe this is a wonderful product and it will help you sleep better. Also stay up to date with sales and promotions by following Sleep Number on Twitter and Facebook

Now you tell me....
Do you like to sleep with the temperature cold or hot and does your partner agree with you?

Disclaimer - I was hired by Sleep Number to review their DualTemp layer. I received the product in exchange for this review. No further compensation was provided and all opinions are 100% mine. 
*Not compatible with adjustment bases. 


  1. I didn't even know a product like this existed! I'm always hot when I am sleeping and have to keep a fan on me...I bet this would help.

    1. It really has helped me! I cannot believe how much better I sleep now.

  2. No clue that this was around! thanks for posting this

  3. I have heard great reviews from different radio personalities about this dual-temp layer from Sleep Number. We still have an 'old school' waterbed, so this won't work for us. But maybe soon when we move up with the times! ;-)

  4. I have actually wondered about these. I've seen them around and have thought about checking them out. My husband is a total blanket sleeper and I'm all about the sheet because he gets so hot. Thanks for the review, I think I'll go out and check them out!

  5. This is interesting - we have a tempurpedic and love it, but I know temperature is a BIG deal with me and my husband as well, only HE'S the polar bear.

    1. I think it's so funny that almost everyone I know is married to someone who wants the room cooler or warmer than their spouse. These are the things that no one thinks about then they're getting married :)

  6. I am more of a traditional mattress girl. I am not fond of high tech stuff. Plus, my hubby snores and would end up on the couch most nights anyway.

  7. we so need this! my hubby sweats in his sleep so he keeps the room so cold with fans on while im layered in clothes freezing

  8. I'm pretty sure my husband would DIE of happiness to have a cool mattress like this. He's so picky about being freezing cold!

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