Jul 10, 2013

Orbit for Kids Review

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Orbit for Kids. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

In many ways my kids are a little strange. For instance my 5 year old will not eat chicken nuggets but will scarf down sushi in a heartbeat. That's a little odd don't you think? But one thing that is great that makes them a little weird is that all three of my kids love brushing their teeth! I've never struggled like so many mothers I know when it comes to getting their kids to brushing their teeth.

However, I do struggle with proper teeth brushing when it comes to my kids. My son just wants to chew on his toothbrush and my daughters don't get the insides of their teeth. Which means my husband and I have to help them out and make sure all the sides of every tooth gets brushed. We also do something that might be a little weird when it comes to brushing the kids' teeth. At night we brush in the bathtub. It's so much easier than adding another step once they're out of the tub. It started as something to save time when the kids were up late, but now it's a nightly ritual.

Did you know that sugar free gum is great for your dental routine? When you chew a sugarfree gum like Orbit for Kids, your mouth gets cleaned of food debris and it stimulates the flow of saliva which helps to protect teeth by reducing plaque acids. Now your kids have a fun way to keep their teeth clean! After all, what kid doesn't like to chew gum?

I gave Isabella, my five year old the strawberry banana Orbit for Kids gum and she loved it! She informed me that it was "much better than my toothpaste flavored gum." I love that she thinks anything mint flavored is actually toothpaste flavored. I tried a piece too and I have to say that it is pretty tasty. I spent 30 minutes trying to teach her how to blow a bubble but she couldn't figure it out. It was pretty cute watching her try though!

As a mom you try your best to keep your kids healthy. But let's face it; doing the right thing 100% of the time is impossible. I really like that I can give my daughter gum after lunch to help her maintain a healthy mouth. It doesn't take any effort on my part and its fun for her. Don't you just love a win/win situation?

Buy It

You can purchase Orbit for Kids at mass merchants. The gum comes in two flavors; bubble gum and strawberry banana. And you can feel good about giving your kids the sugarfree gum for its health benefits and because it has the ADA seal of acceptance. 


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