Jul 3, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder why people don't think Brett and I are classy?

Sometimes I wonder if my kids actually would die a painful horrible death if they looked at the camera and smiled.

Sometimes I wonder if this kid will grow up and be a chef. That would be horrible, you know having someone to cook for me.

Sometimes I wonder how it's possible that I get asked how old my twin girls are? Really? Please look again.

Sometimes I wonder if this kid will ever eat a chicken nugget.

What are some of the things you wonder about?


  1. I wonder when I'll ever have just 5 minutes of alone time again. It seems like both of my kids goin thru a phase where I have to be in their sights 24/7. And I recently had someone asked if my kids were twins. My son just turned 2 & my daughter is 4 and way taller.

  2. A dear friend of mine has a son who used to always help her in the kitchen and asked for a calphalon pan for his 4th birthday. He grew up to be her sous chef in the kitchen, is now in culinary school and cooks amazing dishes for family and friends! This picture could be a view into your fine dining future!


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