Jul 22, 2013

Things I've Tried on Pinterest

Do you ever do anything with your pins on Pinterest? I am making more recipes that I've found on Pinterest lately and thankfully most of them were good. I've only had one complete Pinterest failure! It was a pasta that was so wrong that I don't know how the person can feel good about themselves for posting it. (The picture was a fake which is what lured me in, I'm wiser now!)

One thing I've noticed about most of the pins on Pinterest is that very few people actually comment on the pins after they try them out. I usually do, although I'll be honest I don't comment 100% of the time. It makes me wonder if people just pin stuff and then do nothing with them. Probably, I have zero intention to craft and there are many crafts on my boards.

I decided to make a board on Pinterest named Things I've Made and I commented on how it came out. Here are some of my favorite pins that I've tried lately.

Just in case you didn't know I like to eat!

This recipe is so easy. You could easily substitute the ingredients to make it to your taste. 

They were amazing! Try them now!

I am in LOVE! I made it three times in 1 month, that's how good it is! 

My kids really liked this, but I loved that there was no mess!

Chili's Copycat Queso
Mmmm so good and tastes exactly the same!

Head on over to Pinterest and see the rest of the pins that I've actually tried and my honest opinion of them.


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