Jul 6, 2013

Twitter - Being Funny in 160 Characters or Less

I was told by a wise(?) family member that my twitter posts are funny and that I should share them on my blog. That sounds much better than what was actually said which was "you're funnier on Twitter than on your blog, you should write a post of your Twitter updates" right? I prefer my rewrite!

And since I decided that my rewrite was a compliment I thought I would share some of my recent Twitter posts.

  • My daughter just came to the door crying hysterically because her sister wouldn't let her hold a bug. Sugar and spice my butt!
  • Yesterday I was sad for June to end summer is going too fast. Today my kids woke up fighting & now I say bring on Aug I need school 2 start!
  • Asked my kids why they scream to communicate outside. As serious as possible my daughter explained that they are using their outdoor voices
  • While my girls were napping, my youngest channeled her inner Tyson. Little sister got her revenge today.

    What play fighting looks like in my house, Lord help me if they ever get mad.

  • Whenever I see a basketball player flop to the floor I think they're great actors. And then I remember the movie Space Jam & know I'm wrong

Hope you're having a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. My sister tormented me as a child, and I still have issues with that as an adult. Please stop your girls from fighting. No one wins and the damage goes very deep. They need to feel home is a safe place.


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