Sep 25, 2013

A Few of My Quirks

Like most people, I am full of quirks and a little weirdness that make me the fabulous person that I am! I get annoyed with Brett when he calls me quirky, even though he's 100% on target with his assessment. It's one thing to know you're quirky; it's another to have your husband point it out and laugh at your quirks. Here are some of the things that make me the adorable and infuriating person that Brett loves. 

1. I empty my dishwasher while my kids eat breakfast so I can add dishes as I dirty them. I hate having a sink full of dishes when I'm trying to cook dinner. But I have set laundry days since I hate doing laundry every day. I would wash 5 loads at once rather  than deal with laundry every day. I don't know why one bothers me to pile up while the other does not.

2. I make up silly songs Weird Al style all the time. I had no idea how annoying my little habit was until my oldest started doing it. My poor husband, now he has two bad singers constantly making up bad songs.

3. If you leave a soda can in my car, you will never hear the end of it! Take your trash out of my car so it's clean! However, I almost never wash my car or vacuum it out, who has time for that nonsense?

4. I twirl my hair all the time. When I'm thinking, on the phone, watching TV, and I've been ridiculed for it my whole life. 

5. I take notes in church - not for future reference though. I cannot concentrate unless I'm doing something with my hands. 

6. Money in my wallet must face the same way with the Presidents looking at me AND in order of value with the lowest in the beginning and the highest in the end. 

7. My clothes have a very specific order; tanks, short sleeved, long sleeved, sweaters, and hoodies. If that's not enough to make me a little wacko, they are also arranged in each section by color. Drives my husband crazy but I always know where my black shirt is located in my closet. 

8. I will not eat a burrito with rice in it. Place the same rice on the side of my plate and I will happily eat it. 

9. I eat my Skittles by color. Brett does not follow my color order therefore I do not share Skittles with him. 

10. I don't care how the toilet paper goes on the holder. If someone other than me put it on, that is more than enough for me. 

OK I'm going to stop there since I'm letting my freak flag fly very high right now. Now fess up what are some of your quirks?


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  2. I dont think those are too quirky, I do the same with my clothes - minus the color organization.. haha!

  3. I'm the same with the toilet paper- on the roll and I'm happy.

    I eat my skittles in color order, too, leaving the reds and purples for last because they are the best. :)

  4. Love your number 6! I'm the same way, with the lowest value in the front lol :D


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